Driving your own car:
Driving only 2 and a Half hour From Bangkok. Take the Asia Highway follow the sign to Nakornsawan then Turn left on to UthaiThanee Exit (at km200). From exit 6 km turn left follow Kao TEPO( The Thai latter is "เกาะเทโพ"). Drive follow main road aroun 7 km. Keep straight at intersection follow Kao TEPO sign or River Marina Resort sign. Drive follow the Resort sign around 7 km. It is 22 km. far from Highway exit.

Google Map Search : " River Marina Reasort" หรือ " ริเวอร์ มารีน่า รีสอร์ท"

#### Easy Way from Wat ThaSung or Uthai Down town.

Take Ferry in front of Wat Thasung, Ferri Point Root betaween Prom Tasung Restuarant and Yellow Building.

After Ferry turn Left about 500 m.

By Bus:
There is BKK- Uthaithanee bus at Northern Bus Station(Mo Chit 2). The fare is at around 150 Baht per person. From U-thaithanee bus terminal station you can take tri-cycle Taxi to Resort for about 80 Baht.

Please contact our staffs at the resort for detail Bus Time-table and/or alternate choices(seasoning) of traveling to/from resort/bangkok. our staffs will be more than happy to help you finding/reservation the suitable bus for your journey.

English : Call 099-469 8299


110 Moo 4, Thasung District, Mueng city, Uthaithanee province Thailand  
Phone (66)56 502647 (66)9-5337559