Having fun on kayak along the river with softly flow and safety. Not to far from resort there is the Yang canal connect to Taptea fen. The big three and bamboo are along the canal . The shade is the place for many kind of bird to hide and hunt the fish.
Jet SKy:
Having more fun in your vacation by river with Jet Sky. With your favoride drink befor sun set and jump over , swim any where any time. Seem your like is so perfact. Fishing is not bad this time.
ATV rider. Cruise ATV around resort or even go farder to explode the living stye of the local people.





provide you with the best suitable activities around the resort. For all nature loving people who seek the taste of nice,quiet and easy week-end adventure.

Biking for just exercise along the local road track. Bike trought the field with all rice just grow up. Stop by the rest that the famer make for rest when sun very strong. Relax with win form field pass trough your face. The track also on Chaopraya river site. Just like the color on the
Challenge yourself:
Challenge yourself catch some fish from the river. Not only from your room but also from the open ralf at the restuarant. Order the snack and softdrink wait for fish.
Swing in the fresh water of Sakea Krung river. The water is clear almost all thime till you see ir is green because of the tree all around. The color of water will change only in rainning

Criuse Dinner:
Have a wonderful evening with dinner on Boat. Along the river to downtown. Have a wonderful choice of Thai food under candle light. Evening you can see the life of of people during cruising. At the night ,the light from side of river and raft itself make you feel difference


New activity in resort with a Litle Sheep Farm. Feeding , Photo with the litle sheep. Coffee with the open wild view on the litle farm enough to feel relax.

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